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Cicada is an animal-derived substance used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is extracted from or prepared by grinding the empty shell shed every seven years by the cicada, (Cryptotympana atrata or Crypto-tympana pustulata), which is a winged insect that makes a distinctive chirping sound, and belongs to the Cicadi-dae family.

Cicadas are commonly found in mainland China, Taiwan, and Japan. They had religious significance in ancient China, and symbolized reincarnation or immortality, as the Chinese compared the cicada's periodic molting of its shell with a person's leaving the physical body behind at the time of death. Bronze vessels as old as 1500 b.c. ornamented with cicadas have been found in Chinese tombs, along with white pottery and jewelry featuring cicada designs. During the Han dynasty (202 b.c. to a.d.) 220, the Chinese carved small cicadas out of precious jade and placed them in the mouths of the dead.

The pharmaceutical name of the substance made from this insect is Periostracum cicadae, or chan tui in Chinese. It is prepared from the exuvium, or cast-off shell of the nymph form of the insect. The empty shell is shiny, translucent, and yellow-brown in color. As it would appear in a living cicada, the shell has three portions: head (with two eyes), chest (with wings and a crossed gap), and abdomen (with three pairs of feet).

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