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Coptis is the underground stem (rhizome) or root of the plant Coptis chinensis. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a stomachic (a medication to improve digestive functions) and an antiseptic. Other related species are also called coptis and used in similar ways in other parts of the world. Coptis anemonaefolia is used in Japan. Coptis trifolia is used in North America, and Coptis teeta grows in India and is used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Coptis is a low, creeping perennial evergreen that grows in damp boggy spots in woods. The plant produces a mass of thread-like golden rhizomes that are used in

healing. C. chinensis is native to the cooler parts of Asia and is extensively cultivated in Szechwan province in China. C. trifolia is native to eastern North America as far south as the mountains of Tennessee. Other names for the various species of coptis used in healing include goldthread, Chinese goldthread mouth root, cankerroot, yellowroot, coptidis, mishmi bitter, and chonlin. The Chinese name for C. chinensis is huang lian.

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