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Dosage ranges from 24-200 mg per day for one to six months, depending on the condition being treated. In a study patients with deep vein thrombosis, a dosage of 72 mg per day was found to be effective. An oral dosage of mesoglycan of 72-96 mg per day for 10-13 weeks has been used to treat hyperlipidemia. A dosage of 24-50 milligrams per day is used to treat patients with arterial disease.

Initially, mesoglycan and other mucopolysaccha-rides were only available through injections. They are now available in oral form.

Some common names for preparations containing mucopolysaccharides include chondroitin and glu-cosamine. Glucosamine stimulates the production of gly-cosaminoglycans and proteoglycans, the building blocks of cartilage. If the body does not produce enough glucosamine on its own, the joints can dry out, crack, or wear away completely. If the joints have no protection from glucosamine, they can become swollen, inflamed, and very painful, a common condition known as os-teoarthritis.

Researchers believe that taking glucosamine can help the body stimulate its own production of protective cartilage around joints. Combining glucosamine together with chrondroitin is thought to increase the overall effectiveness, although some practitioners prescribe glucosamine alone.

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